E-Commerce solution B to C

Mr. Wine and Spirits are an experienced importation company, offering valuable solutions in an evolving market. We have a trusted network of distributors covering 25 states and growing. We provide innovative eCommerce driven opportunities, allowing for growth within the traditional three-tier system. We provide you the platform to sell your brand online, while utilizing our licensed retailers.

How does it work?

We offer turnkey B to C and solutions to tackle this large American market.

We ensure that you have the legal entry point into the United States and that your flows are managed so that the market is adequately supplied.

We are both the key to entry and your facilitator for this market ; an incubator for new brands and a real boost for existing known brands to breakthrough in the American market.

Our approach

Online Solution B to C

• Leveraging our valuable experience to offer you B to C marketplace solutions.

• Allowing you to sell your brand directly to consumers while letting you focus on producing outstanding wine and spirits.

• We offer solutions to help drive traffic to your website. US sales will come directly through your site, as well as being linked to our site.

Market Benefits

• Test the US market by setting up an eCommerce site dedicated exclusively to your brand.

• We provide access to more than 40 states for wine, and more than 30 states for spirits and growing.

• You maintain full control of your brand image and storefront through your site; enabling you to showcase all aspects of your brand story.

• You may create special offers, limited editions, promotional gifts, visits to virtual cellars, or numerous other interest generating promotions that suit your brand and products.

Your role


• Develop and cultivate your brand identity.

• Creating and/or maintaining a website reflective of your brand.

• Sharing your brand story and passion for the business.

• Continuing to create outstanding products and ensuring that you have inventory to meet demands.


• Generating brand awareness.

• Promotion through social media outlets, press, events, etc.

• Advertising and publicity for your products.

• Utilizing sales personnel, to educate about your brand and products.

• Creating limited edition items, specials, contests, etc.


• Being able to sell direct online adds immense value and versatility.

• You control your marketing and advertising budget.

• You control your brand image.

• Direct sales: no staff or third-party staff to train and manage. You are exclusive to your brand.

• International brands may qualify to receive government aid to support their marketing and development in the US for this B to C solution.

You want to develop your e-commerce activity in the USA?