Who we are and what we do

Christophe and Samuel joined together and founded Mr.Wine & Spirits to develop the USA market through their own Mr.Wine & Spirits brands, Chateaux and Estates exclusive wines, as well as services such as Private label creation, promotions and much more available.

Christophe Daron

Born in Bordeaux, Christophe has dedicated over the past 20 years in developing his distribution activities and networks in Africas off-trade and shipchandler markets. He represents and has developed major international brands throughout Africa markets. As well as possesses a strong knowledge on supply chains logistics. In 2013, Christophe created a U.S procurement office, Hanalei Trading & Services to offer the best of U.S.A goods to its African markets. As a French native Bordelais, he is passionate  about wines, and sought the challenge to bring French wines into the US market that are of good French quality, good value for money and accessible. His know-how and wine networks allow him to offer wine opportunities to US importers.

Samuel Praicheux

After several years in senior international sales positions in major agro-food groups, Samuel founded Chilli in 2004, a company in charge of the international business development of well-known wineries from Old World wine regions.
Thanks to Chilli’s combined years of experience in export markets, Samuel has developed strong relationships with numerous customers located in Asia, Africa and West and East Europe.



• Tailor-made brands to meet USA consumer demands Chateaux and Estates selected for their awards and hardwork on their wine elaboration to bring to USA consumers the pleasure to enjoying french still and sparkling wines.
• Services to allow US companies to create their own private label.
• Services to allow Chateaux and Estates to sell to the US domestic market.




Competitive price offers to meet consumer quality needs and optimize your benefits.
• Be close to our US importers/distributors to meet their needs.
Build offers for OFF and ON premise industry that comply with the different US State regulations.
Offer large volume of wines for US chains.
Strong relationship with our producers : we act as the direct link and their US export office.
Knowledge from other industries to bring new trends and new ideas to the wine industry.


This is the backbone of our company!


A talented and experienced team at your service

You will always find experienced and attentive staff with a passion for wines & spirits and connecting them with people and the market place.

Christophe DARON
Founder and President

“Born in Bordeaux with a natural sense of Bordeaux wines and fullfilling a dream of bringing French terroir Wines to a country he loves, the U.S.A.”

Co-Founder & business developpement

“A man of passion, as lively as his company! Interested in everything and keen on developing brands. Arms open to the world and always on the lookout for opportunities.”

Laetitia BONNAUD
  US Administrative Officer

“French and american citizen, her objective is to combine the best of hers two home-loving countries.”

General Assistant

“Born in the middle of the Médoc vineyard (France), it was obvious to onboard a young and dynamic wine and spirits company such as Mr Wine & Spirits.”

Marie-Noëlle LACHAUD
Marketing and Graphic design Manager

“Originally from an agricultural background, but rooted in creativity. Her feet are firmly on the ground, her head in a constant creative process.”

Graphic designer

“Born in the heart of the South West’s vineyards, the girl is passionate about graphic design and the world of wines spirits. She is always on the cutting edge of new digital trends! The secret : she has superpowers…”